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Dr William Shoard of Accredited Energy Consulting Services presented a paper at the World Energy Engineering Conference in Orlando, Florida on 9/30/15. The paper was titled Building an Energy Model to Help Understand and Respond to Benchmarking Results.


How do you know if your building is performing well or poorly? Benchmarking the building's energy consumption annually is like a health check of your property. This allows you to compare the per square foot energy consumption of your building with other similar size types of buildings. Benchmarking is the first step towards driving down your energy consumption. Many cities around the country are mandating that large buildings within the city are annually benchmarked with regards to their energy consumption Your building is performing poorly - what can you do about it? There are many steps which can be taken to save energy. Building a thermal model of the property allows you to test different energy saving strategies and quantify their effectiveness before committing the funds required to perform or install these measures.


Contact Dr Shoard via if you would like to learn more about how an energy model can help you better understand and respond to your building energy benchmarking results.

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